Permanent Exhibitions

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The 10 colorful stripes represent the world's 10 religions. Visitors are about to explore through different religious revelations. Religions bring enlightenments to us, we can find physical and spiritual peace by worshiping and promoting the ideas of respect, inclusivity and charity. Starting with these ten beams of light, it is a journey for searching. Where is the destination? Will we know the answer eventually?

Light flows and purifies the air.

Stabilize your breath as the elevator goes up. Clear your mind as the light in the car flows.

When the elevator door opens, step out into the light and go forward.

“The doors to Goodness, Wisdom and Compassion are opened by keys of the heart.” The maxim greets you as soon as the elevator door opens. It is a quotation from the saying of the fourth patriarch of Chan Buddhism, Master Dayi Daoxin. Its meaning is that although there are different religions or approaches, people eventually have to return to their hearts, which is what the Museum of World Religions' goal. The museum's goal is not only to introduce the world's most followed religions, but also to lead visitors into their hearts.

Entering the museum, please don't jump to the conclusion. Just go on an exploration journey from your heart. When heading back, try to find out if you have such a touching understanding and keep the maxim in your mind.