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Guided Tours

  1. The museum offers guided tours at 2:00 pm. This service is limited to 15 visitors per tour.
  2. Please register in advance at the 7F service desk and assemble at 1:50 pm in the Golden Lobby.

Membership services

  1. Visitors holding membership cards approved by the museum can obtain free entry tickets at the reception desk.
  2. Visitors can apply for membership cards or have their cards renewed at the reception desk.
  3. Complimentary gifts and event announcements for members.
  4. Membership fees and services.

Other Services

  1. Handicapped service -- Wheelchair loan/ Handicapped elevator service
  2. Baby buggy loan
  3. Educational service -- The Museum offers courses, speeches and workshops for schools and communities.
  4. Special Exhibition and Conference Room rental service.
  5. Temporary special exhibitions are held in the designated area on the 6th floor.
  6. Meals & Drinks service Discount Information!
  7. Gift Shop