The Buddhist-Muslim Dialogues

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When Bamiyan’s Buddha was destroyed by the Taliban in March, 2001, and the World Trade Center suffered from terrorist attack in September the same year, the world has begun to ponder over the issues of the civilization clash between the western culture and the Islam. Hoping for the situation not to deteriorate, Dharma Master Hisn Tao appealed to western governments to use a third party, Buddhism as his suggestion, to serve as the mediator working towards resolving conflicts between the western world and the Islam. The conversations between the Buddhist and the Muslim were therefore launched since then, and until 2010, GFLP, the Global Family for Love and Peace, has organized twelve Buddhist-Muslim dialogues that took places in eleven countries including USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Spain, Australia, France, China, India, and of course, Master Hsin Tao’s home base, Taiwan.