Permanent Exhibitions

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Religions bring enlightenments to us, we can find physical and spiritual peace by worshiping and promoting the ideas of respect, inclusivity and charity.

Water is a fundamental natural element.

No matter how fast we go, questions always exist.

Hands are not only used to communicate but also represent practice.

With the golden firmament-like ceiling, the whole space is like a map of the universe.

What is the universe? What the existence of the world is like?

The finite nature of human life makes life valuable. Life's experiences are accumulated, enriched, and refined throughout the limited life of a person.

Facing and understanding ourselves.

Every life has its own meaning.

One is everything, and everything is one.

It is a place that unites people across generations and regions,

We can see many common aspects of human pursuits from these religions, and they can be a representation of value of human civilization as a whole.

Each child is an evolving organism; there are not just a hundred types of children, but rather an ecosystem in each of them.

The flows of handprints represent infinite gratitude and legacy.

Before leaving the museum, a good wishes area is set up on the left side of the wall in the aisle,