Permanent Exhibitions

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Visitors travel by elevator to the 7th floor accompanied by special audio-visual effects.

A purification ritual at the 'water curtain' follows reading and contemplation of the gatha.

As visitors enter the 63-meter-long Pilgrims' Way,

On reaching the far end of the Pilgrims' Way,

A visit to the museum starts formally in the Golden Lobby.

With its images and music gathered from the world's religions,

The same Reality is the creator and preserver of all;

The Meditation Gallery has three large screens,

This specially commissioned film includes interviews with world-renowned religious leaders,

The design concept for this space comes from the Avatamsaka Sutra: One is all and all is one.

The displays of the Greatest Sacred Buildings were first exhibited in 2003,

There are two mains displays in the Great Hall of World Religions:

In 2005, the Museum of World Religions launched a theme for parent-child department

Over the ten-year course of its founding,

Before finishing their visit to the Museum of World Religions,