Permanent Exhibitions

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Water Curtain

Stretch out your hand into the water curtain. Are you using your hand to grab the water or allow it to flow over your hand?

Water is a fundamental natural element. The water that brings life flows forever, and can always wash away the hustle and messiness of daily life and bring you back to your pure heart. Water is used as a medium for purification and transformation in various cultures.

Place your hand into the water curtain and let the water flow through your fingertips and palms. Feeling the touch and hearing the sound of the flowing water may be likened to experiencing the beginning of life in the mother's body. It also reminds people of cleansing and purification in different religious traditions. The baptizing of Jesus in the Jordan River, the revelation received by a Sikh Guru when taking a bath, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara's sprinkle of water for the salvation of humanity, the water ablution pavilions in Shinto shrines, and the ablution before Islamic prayers involve water to bring cleanliness and transcendence.