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Ma Yu-Chuan

On 9 November, 2001, the Museum of World Religions (MWR) offi-cially opened to the public.  Mr. Pao-teh Han, designated as the first Director of MWR  in March of 2002, clearly outlined and described the operational positioning for this museum. Even to this day, Mr. Han's profound declaration merits deep reflection, and serves as the basis for continuous thoughtful self-examination on the part of the museum's staff.

The public mission of MWR is to introduce and promote love and peace, which comprise the founding philosophy of MWR, in hopes that a society led by nobler spirits may overflow with joy and tran-quility. In these contemporary times, such is our grave and pressing responsibility within our society. MWR willingly and boldly shoul-ders its responsibility to those residents of the regions surrounding the grounds of the Museum. In this generation of uncertainty and spiritual turbulence, it is the goal of the educator to strive for harmo-nious order and peace of mind even as we dwell in this world. Despite knowing the limits and comparatively minor strength of MWR's contributions, we desire and strive to be pioneers within this great movement. MWR is neither a religious organization, nor a temple, but a palace of tribute to the holy knowledge of the value of life. With tireless determination, MWR has been sounding a wake-up message, a call to learn to know and respect life, to those who have lost them-selves in restlessness and depression, to convince them of their poten-tial as beings of dignity, heartfelt love, and true humanity.

While MWR officially entered its twentieth year of operation on 1 January 2021, Yu-Chuan Ma was deeply honored to join the Opera-tions team and thus take up a great responsibility as the fourth Direc-tor of MWR. Yu-Chuan expressed her firm intention to translate the great honor of her accession into steadily building upon the solid foundation established by MWR's previous directors, Pao-Teh Han, Sharo-Ying Cian, and Kuo-Ning Chen. Each of these is a respected professor, under whom Yu-Chuan had studied both at university and graduate school. Yu-Chuan knows well that she will be facing enor-mous upcoming trials and challenges regarding MWR's core mission of expanding the participation of the museum's public audience.

In additional to being an institution which at its heart offers 'life-education', we at MWR realize that it is essential to improve upon our visitor outreach.  It is not merely visitor numbers which act as the prime indicator of the effectiveness of our operational performance; rather, the true indicator is found in how efficaciously we promote the daily exercise of humanistic compassion and an active care for living humanity. To this end, MWR provides ample cultural resources to the public, intending that visiting this museum might become a regular norm for the general public in daily life. MWR strategizes not only with concern to exhibits and collections, but also to our dearly valued museum visitors. Since its founding, MWR has been committed to continuous reflection upon, and refining of, our means of targeting and reaching out to both our active and potential audiences. Thus, valuing museum marketing and managing MWR with Brand Opera-tion will be our strategies.



MA of Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and Museology


Current Jobs

Director of The Museum of World Religions

Museum Evaluator of Ministry of Culture

Advisory Committee Member of Management of Yingge Ceramics Museum

Advisory Committee Member of Management of The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, New Taipei City Government

Advisory Committee Member of The Culture of Military Village, Min-istry of Culture, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan

Curriculum Committee Member of College of Design, Shih Cheien University


Work Experience

CEO of Juming Museum

Deputy General Manager of Huashan1914 Creative Park

Deputy General Manager of Hualien Cultural and Creative Park

Principal Consultant of Museum Planning and Operation, Di Yuan Art Gallery, Zhejiang

Principal Consultant of Museum Planning and Operation, Shengdi Cultural Hall, Fujian

Principal Consultant of Local Cultural Hall, Hsinchu County Gov-ernment

Principal Consultant of Art, Fanquietian of Jingzhong Enterprise, Shanghai

Principal Consultant of “Forest Project— Taiwan” of Artist Xu Bing

Final Judge of Young Pin Design Award

Visiting Committee Member of Museum and Local Cultural Hall, Ministry of Culture

Judge Member of “Youth Go!” Project, Ministry of Culture

Consultant of “Guidance Program of Taiwan Cultural Creative Indus-tries”, Ministry of Culture

Reviewer of “Social Innovation and Professional Service Collabora-tion Project”, Ministry of Culture

Reviewer/ Counselor/ Consultant of “Diversity and Capacity Building Project”, Ministry of Labor

Consultant of “Industrial Innovation Project of Indigenous Peoples”, Council of Indigenous Peoples

Lecturer of National Chung Hsing University

Lecturer of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

Lecturer of Asia University, Taiwan