Permanent Exhibitions

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What is the universe? What the existence of the world is like?

Does life have a beginning? Where does it occur?

How do people from different places understand the origin of life?

How big is the earth and how big is human?

What would the world look like without human beings?

Compared to the immensity of heavens and the earth, compared to the infinity of the river of time, the existence of human beings is like a mystery.

The existence of human is, subtly, quite significant.

Because I am here, here am I, watching all this happen. In a 101-seat theater space, we can watch a film about the origin of the universe, the world, and mankind. Exploring the possibilities of origins.

We look at the myth of creation through the scale of the universe and the speed. In a way that transcends the human landscape. The journey in the museum is about to integrate with the journey of life. Now the world has been created, and we hear the heart beats and the pulse of life.