Permanent Exhibitions

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Palm Print

Looking at your warm palm prints left on the wall.

Before the prints disappear, the warmth of your palm and the environment are balanced, and that is the time tested way of being…

Hands are not only used to communicate but also represent practice.

In looking for the answer to spiritual growth, think about “what I do,” “what I will do,” “what I can do,” and “what I should keep doing” and reflect on “what I have done,” “what did I do,” “what did I deliver,” and “what did I acquire.”

Representing practice, hands can be used to make commitments. When it comes to religious traditions, hands usually play an important role in making symbolic signs, sending wishes, praying, giving, and blessing. Every visitor coming here leaves their unique palm prints on the wall, which will fade away and disappear. The same process continues as visitors come and go, like the running river of life and the looping stream of time.