Past Exhibitions

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LOVE & PEACE – Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy

Dates:2019-11-09 ~ 2020-04-12
Opening Hours : Tuesday–Sunday : 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location:Special Exhibition AreasI
Closing Day : The museum is closed every Monday, and Chinese New Year’s Eve to Chinese January 5th.


Since ancient times, Chinese people have had the tradition of “establishing virtue through friendship” as well as “gathering friends through literature”. The process of exchanging ideas allows people to learn about each other, thus elevating the level of inclusiveness and tolerance. Lanting Poetry Anthology from the Jin Dynasty (AC 266-420) was one example from an earlier era. Since the Song Dynasty (AC 960-1279), calligraphers have begun experimenting with the use of different shades of ink to express various emotions. From free-spirited to elegant and subtle, calligraphy comes in a variety of styles that allows artists to pursue a calm mental and spiritual state while expressing their personal qualities. Indeed, a work of calligraphy represents the virtue and spiritual state of the artist.

Founded by Dharma master Hsin Tao, Museum of World Religions is dedicated to spreading his theme of “peace and love”. As a continuation of the Peace and Love Calligraphy and Arts” exhibition in 2015, we have been preparing an exhibition that expands to China and includes a few Chinese calligraphers. We are very honored to have Mr. Zhang Zhi-Hong and Mr. Chen Guo-Ning serve as joint-curators. Together, they have invited 24 calligraphers to present a total of 119 works. We have also invited Dharma master Hsin Tao and Professor Lee Yi-Hong to come pass down the spirit embodied by this exhibition to next generations.

With the utmost goodwill and sincerity, we invite everyone to join us on a spiritual journey to explore the world of calligraphy, while spreading peace and love to the world.