Past Exhibitions

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Daoism, Folk Literature and Arts


Dates:2020/11/07 ~ 2021/04/11
Opening Hours : 10: 00 - 17: 00(Closed on Mondays)
Location:6F Special Exhibition AreasI
Closing Day : The museum is closed every Monday, Tuesday, and the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve to Chinese January 5th.


“The union of Tao and art” refers to the combination of faith, folk literature and art. While appreciating and interpreting the aesthetics and culture contained in artifacts, viewers may construct a mythical world of gods and deities through classic literature and folklore. With literature and art becoming easily approachable and deeply rooted in their lives, common people get to meet various gods, know their genuine character and righteous conduct, and further propagate their moral and ethical philosophies.

The Museum of World Religions houses a collection of more than 1,000 artifacts related to Daoism and folk beliefs. In celebration of its 19th anniversary, we have specially invited Professor Lee Fong-mao to assist with the exhibition curation and loan out part of his private collection. Alongside the artifact collection of the museum, we jointly present a feast of religious art. The exhibits start from the animated and fantastic “Journeys to the East, West, South, and North”, to the Legend of Deification, where divinities experience a series of calamities, to the auspicious blessings for the earthly world after an epic journey to the heaven and hell. The exhibition features eight subthemes: The Eight Immortals Celebration, the Journey to the West, Guardian Ling Guang, the Ascetic Practice of Xuantian Shangdi (Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven), the Legend of Deification, Soaring in the Heavens, Roaming through the Inferno, and the Auspicious Blessings for the Earthly World. A total of nearly a hundred carefully selected artifacts of various materials and types are put on display, including paintings, sculptures, textiles, and prints.