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Mountains, Ocean, and Sky—Nature in Me

Dates:2023/06/21 ~ 2024/06/23
Opening Hours : 10: 00 - 17: 00(Closed on Mondays, open as usual on consecutive holidays, and will be closed until the next day.)
Location:6F Special Exhibition Areas I、II

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
~Rabindranath Tagore

When embraced by high mountains, wavy oceans and vast sky, what does human existence mean?

With all senses fully awakened for perception and exploration, how does this immense world manifest itself to an individual?

Bringing the immense world, encompassing mountains, oceans, and the sky, into an exhibition, we attempt to immerse humans in nature. Extending our observation of mountains beyond mere upward gazes; listening to the oceans instead of drifting with the currents, we find that the expansive sky holds more than the alternation of day and night.

Our exhibition, Bright as Night, Dark as Day: A Walk with Death in 2022, marked the beginning of our exploration of life. By experiencing the loss of lives, we reflect upon the essence of life and death and their significance to the self. Now, in 2023, Mountains, Oceans, and Sky—Nature in Me seeks to transcend the constraints of life and set our hearts free in the interconnectedness between humans and nature. Unbounded by the limitations of existence, within the limitless realm of mountains, oceans, and sky, we can observe the interplay of humanity and nature.

“The Pulsation Of Mountains and Rivers”, “The Dive Into The Ocean”, and “The Climb Over The Celestial Vault” are three themes that invoke introspection through nature. Utilizing mountains, oceans, and the sky as visual elements, these settings lead the audience on a dialogue between their inner selves and the natural world. Visitors can serenely behold the grandeur and elegance of mountains, perceive the resilience and tranquility of earth, and explore the depths of the oceans. Encountering the gentle waves or the surging currents, and marveling at the brilliance of the night sky, the audience will experience the limitless expanse and enigmatic charm of the heavens. Indeed, when all senses are fully awakened, the hidden sixth sense will be stirred, where the heart, mind, and spirit converge.

Through this enchanting and surreal exhibition, we venture into the realm encompassing mountains, seas, and sky, and approach it from a unique standpoint, thereby initiating an internal dialogue driven by our own aspirations. Whether in moments of tranquility or exhilaration, or being overwhelmed or mesmerized, it is the rhythm that resonates within the bond between "me" and nature.

Am I immersed within nature, or does nature permeate my being? I exist within all things, and all things exist within me.