Past Exhibitions

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Artsy Window Special Exhibition: Hope and Visions of the Jewish People

Dates:2023/09/12 ~ 2023/12/03
Opening Hours : 10: 00 - 17: 00(Closed on Mondays, open as usual on consecutive holidays, and will be closed until the next day.)
Location:6F Special Exhibition Areas

In this exhibition, we will choose seven different Jewish artifacts from our museum's collection. As a whole, these artifacts reflect the Jewish diaspora's beliefs and cultural traditions as the "People of the Book".

Jews are often referred to as the "People of the Holy Book" because many Jews used to live by the Jewish Bible and therefore have a special reverence for God's revelation in the Torah. The word "Torah" is often translated into Chinese as "law" but it means "guidance" or "instruction". These teachings contain 613 commandments of great importance to the Jewish people. Since these commandments were given to Moses by God, they are also known as the Five Books of Moses, which contain ceremonial laws, rules of hygiene, and moral laws that the Jews are required to follow, the most important of which is to believe that God is one and there is no other god. Unlike the polytheistic beliefs and idolatry of ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East, the core of Jewish belief is that God is one.