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2021 UN Peace Week: One Flower, One Heaven

This year's theme "One flower, One Heaven" originated from the Buddha’s saying, "One flower, one world, one leaf, one Tathagata."

To promote mutual understanding between religions, representatives from various faiths introduced their own religion’s showcase in the World Exhibition Hall of the Museum and offered their blessings for the "Inter-Religious Harmony Week.''

Seven representatives from the International Krishna Consciousness Association were invited to be the opening musical performance.

In the special exhibition area "Taoism and Art - Taoism and Folk Literature and Art Exhibition," Professor Li Fengmao explained the relationship between Taoism and methods of prayer for the pandemic. Rabbi Leon Fenster, a representative of Judaism, sang traditional prayer songs.

The Islamic Minister Zhao Xilin mentioned how living in harmony with the Creator is an issue that all humans face in their lives. Dr. Samir Mehndiratta, a representative of Hinduism, discussed Hindu concepts of respecting nature.

Prof. Zhang Yuling, co-chairman of the International Buddhist Federation, explained the Buddhist concept of Avalokitesvara: We are a symbiotic, co-existing and prosperous ecosystem.

While dealing with severe consequences brought on by the pandemic, Taiwan must also care about the world and pray for the public.