Current Exhibitions

  • 2023/06/21 ~ 2024/06/23
    When embraced by high mountains, wavy oceans and vast sky, what does human existence mean? With all senses fully awakened for perception and exploration, how does this immense world manifest itself to an individual? Bringing the immense world, encompassing mountains, oceans, and the sky, into an exhibition, we attempt to immerse humans in nature. Extending our observation of mountains beyond mere upward gazes; listening to the oceans instead of drifting with the currents, we find that the expansive sky holds more than the alternation of day and night.
  • 2023/04/25 ~ 2024/05/05
    For believers of Islam, this religion is not only a guidance of life and heavens, but also a stabilizing force, along with its theology and teachings, the material cultures of Muslim lands developed a characterized and ubiquitous artistic style, and religious rituals and objects are imbued with specific meanings.