Permanent Exhibitions

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Elevator Entrance

Visitors travel by elevator to the 7th floor accompanied by special audio-visual effects. On entering the Pilgrims’ Way, visitors read a quotation concerning enlightenment taken from a gatha (hymn) composed by Master Dao-Hsin, the 4th patriarch of the Chan School of Buddhism, over one thousand years ago:


Expanded in meaning to include peoples of all religions, this is translated as The doors to goodness, wisdom and compassion are opened by keys of the heart.

The Museum of World Religions hopes that this gatha will help visitors understand the wisdom of human life, both ancient and modern, crystallized into the act of pilgrimage. Furthermore, it may offer understanding, nourishment and enlightenment for use in their personal lives and growth, and in dealing with humankind's increasing mutual interdependence. That is to say, the source of all growth and development is to be found within each person's heart.