Permanent Exhibitions

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Hall of Life's Journey

“The same Reality is the creator and preserver of all; Know no distinctions between them, The monastery and the mosque are the same; So is the Hindu worship and the Muslim prayer. Humans are all one!” 

Guru Gobind Singh

The Hall of Life's Journey is subdivided into five areas: birth, coming of age, mid-life, old age, and death and the afterlife. It examines the interaction between people and religion from the point of human life, birth and growth. 

This area makes use of film and multimedia interactive technology, allowing visitors to operate computer screens personally to gain an understanding of various religions' similarities and differences in outlook towards human life, as well as the ways in which religions influence and assist humankind's development. Displays also exhibit artifacts relating to life ceremonies.

Through Hall of Life's Journey, in addition to celebrating good events, visitors can also gain a deeper understanding of religious ceremonies and traditions in life.