Permanent Exhibitions

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Meditation Gallery

The Meditation Gallery has three large screens, on which are broadcast details of the contemplation and meditation methods used by Buddhists, Daoists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. In addition to watching the films, visitors may deepen their understanding by reading the introductory texts and explanations provided on the panels to either side.

The English word “meditation” is derived from the Latin word “Meditari”, meaning deep and single-minded thinking. As a religious practice, meditation can be divided crudely into two main types, active and passive. The former affirms the qualities, strengths or moral values of an individual’s existence. The latter emphasizes a complete renunciation and transcendence of existential thought. The meditation process should begin with an initial stage of purification and harmonization. The meditator should then seek renunciation and transcendence of ego, leading to personal transformation. Finally, this realization should be integrated into everyday life. In this way, meditation can help a person become more compassionate in their relationship with the rest of the world.