Permanent Exhibitions

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Avatamsaka World

The design concept for this space comes from the Avatamsaka Sutra: One is all and all is one.  It expresses the idea that there is wisdom and character common to all religion and all life.  This area appears as a glittering sphere suspended in mid-air. By absorbing the visual and audio sensations, visitors grasp the spirit of Avatamsaka World. The film played in Avatamsaka World is projected on a dome-shaped ceiling, containing reflections of humanity’s shared history. It is hoped that through this 10 minutes film visitors can share their sacred and mysterious experiences of the Cosmos and enter into the spirit of Avatamsaka World.

Avatamsaka World situated at the sixth floor and the seventh floor, which is the intersection of the museum. With a unique dome-shaped building, the Avatamsaka World has the capacity of 40 visitors. After getting in the building, visitors can lean on the chairs and look up to the ceiling while watching the film without subtitles. The film is played through a fish-eyed lens. Because of the semicircle screen, the visitors can watch the film in different angles with stereo and an aside.