Permanent Exhibitions

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Kid's Land: Love Wonderland

In 2005, the Museum of World Religions launched a theme for parent-child department - Wonderland of Love for cultivating the “Life Education”. Children could follow our messenger of love – “Miracle” to explore the forest and learn to express and share love.By celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Museum of World Religions this year, the Wonderland of Love which has been in operation for 11 years underwent renovation and transformed into ‘Planets of Love’, in hopes to provide our audiences with an extraordinary experience.

In the Planets of Love, there are different planets where children get to learn different forms of love, such as learning to perceive oneself in the Emotional Planet; learning to love nature in the Natural Planet; and learning to love their families and communities in the Love Planet. In addition, there is a ‘Gas Station’ within the Planets of Love for children to deliver and share love!

Furthermore, the Storytelling of Fantastic fairy continues the parent-child story telling as the weekend planet activities; We warmly welcome you to join us for a fantasy journey in this Wonderland of Love!